Charity of the Month – Neuroendocrine Cancer Australia

Sandi Smythe

This month we are supporting a charity close to home for the brewery and for the broader Jervis Bay community

Neuroendocrine Cancer Australia is a Not-for-Profit organization that exists to advocate for the 24,000+ patients who live with Neuroendocrine Cancer in Australia today.

Neuroendocrine Cancer is a lesser known and poorly understood cancer despite being the 7th most diagnosed cancer in Australia. As a result, diagnosis is often delayed and 60% of patients have advanced disease (Stage 4) at the time of diagnosis.

This is the case for a well loved member of our community, Sandi, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroendocrine Cancer in March 2022 and is currently undergoing treatment to manage the disease. There is no expectation of cure.

We are supporting Sandi and her family, through Neuroendocrine Cancer Australia, in their quest to increase awareness within the medical and greater community for early diagnosis and better outcomes for patients. We support their advocacy for increased research funding and patient support resources.

Together we can do better.

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