Earth Day – Native Plant Giveaway

Cans and growler amongst tubestock plants

We are doing our part this Earth Day to help re-green our local area and fight the climate and biodiversity crises, by giving away a free local native plant with every takeaway  4-pack or Growler fills this Saturday. (Buy a case and get 2 plants!)

It has now been more than five years since the UN’s Paris Agreement conference took place. The Paris Agreement is the first truly global commitment to fight the climate crisis which explicitly recognizes the role of businesses as well as others as critical to meeting the global warming target of 1.5 °C (degree Celsius). In December 2022, the first  Global Biodiversity Framework was adopted with the aim of reversing the alarming decline of species and natural environments. Jervis Bay Brewing Co recognises the negative impacts of the climate crisis, which we witness first hand on a daily basis in our regions  beautiful waters and native bushland.

In December 2019 and January 2020, many in our region had to evacuate their homes due to bushfires threatening their lives and safety. The destruction from the huge fires have also placed enormous pressure on hundreds of plant and animal species in large areas of  the Shoalhaven.  The climate crisis is affecting our environment, productivity, health, and safety and it will only be getting worse.

We had 2 million hectares of our beloved bushland burnt during the 2019-2020 Black Summer in Australia, killing an estimated 3 billion animals. You might be thinking that bush fires are an annual and natural event in Australia and yes you would be right but not at this scale. The RFS officials were using words like “unprecedented and catastrophic.”

We as a company have decided to take action in the way we do business, and want to help our entire community contribute to the change we want to see this Earth Day. We need to speak up and take action where we can. 

 It is not about being perfect or flawless, it is about being willing to take initiative and leadership. It is about changing our habits, improving our happiness, shifting our thinking and reducing fear of the future, hopelessness, and the toll climate change has on so many people.

We hope that the wider community of customers, competitors, suppliers, and the general public will welcome this initiative, come on board, and collaborate with us to ensure continual improvements and growth.

For this Saturday, we have sourced a range of native tubestock from our  local native nursery Wirin Wirra, and will give away as many plants, shrubs and trees as the community would like to purchase.

So drop in for a schooner and leave  with a way to contribute a small part to our native ecosystems’ recovery and our ongoing sustainability as a planet.

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