Weedy Seadragon – Seaweed & Mango Gose

The Story

Tasting Notes:
Locally farmed seaweed and Australian mango puree combine to create a delightfully sweet and salty flavour.


Introducing “Weedy Seadragon Mango Gose”, This ocean-inspired elixir captures the spirit of Jervis Bay’s hidden wonders. Immerse your senses in a tidal dance of flavours, where the salty essence of locally farmed seaweed from our collaboration team at Phycobucha intertwines with ripe Aussie mangoes for a delightfully sweet and salty flavour. Like the elusive Weedy Seadragon, this exclusive summer seasonal release is a rare treat to encounter. Take a sip and embark on a journey through depths of flavour.


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