Protecting Our Marine Parks – Australian Marine Conservation Society Talk

Three dolhpins looking in to the camera above a reef

As well as a great celebration of the place we live, our Bands on the Bay event is also raising money for the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

To open the event, we are lucky enough to have Simon Miller from AMCS to come do a talk about why Marine Parks, like ours at Jervis Bay are so important.

We know that our oceans are under threat – climate change, unsustainable fishing practices, water pollution and plastics are just some of the many threats to our big blue backyard. But marine parks, like the Jervis Bay Marine Park and its famous cousin the Great Barrier Reef help to build resilience into the system. Simon will talk about what makes our coastline so special, what some of the biggest threats are, and how as a community we can counter those threats to protect what is important to us.

And about the speaker

Simon Miller – Great Barrier Reef Fisheries Campaign Manager at AMCS

Simon has spent over a decade working in conservation and fisheries. From collecting the important baseline data on coral reefs and fish populations to inform Cambodia’s first marine park, to helping turn old fishing nets into sustainable sunglasses. Simon now works with fishers, Governments and the community to make fishing on the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef more sustainable

So kick-off your Easter Long Weekend the right way, by enjoying a beer by the Bay, and hearing about what we can do to keep it as beautiful for a long time to come.


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